Friday, June 15, 2012

Impact of the way we think

Ordinary people can change the world. It is true. The way we think as professionals, we can assist an entire nation to think. Think conservation, think reuse before recycle (like my husband rightly puts it), think alternative fuels, think assistive devices, think poor nations, basically THINK! OR - maybe think at a simpler level - don't run the tap too long, use less heated water, try not to misuse paper, do not print unnecessarily OR just be the postman/ the messenger and talk about the impact on the environment and spread the knowledge.

My sub-atomic contribution : I was recently doing an assignment to make bags targeted for the youth. Can't say if my bags would change the world but I wanted them to have messages that impact our life everyday - like recycle, or people - with no barriers, wars and love at the same time making them fun enough for the youth to buy!

Here are images from my design and thought process

@ copyright Mömax

@ copyright Mömax

Bye for the weekend all of you, see you on monday!

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