Monday, June 18, 2012

Muuto Sketch Challenge 2012

Hello Monday! 

Design Contests are fun and trigger innovation. One has to forget their professional label (graphic designer, architect, photographer, industrial designer etc), or what one perceives oneself to be to be (veteran designer, bah..too old for this…, it's for struggling students) and can be whatever one ''wants'' to be. Doesn't this already sound liberating!! 

I recently took part in the MUUTO sketch challenge 2012. Muuto is a leading danish furniture and home accessory maker representing the best of scandinavian design today. The challenge was to use Muuto's existing products and use them either in a Office/Retail space or Restaurant/Hotel Space and create a unique space. 
I chose the latter and would like to call it - 
Muuto goes to Goa

They had a similar challenge in 2011 and here are some of the inspiring entries from last year

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