Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pinterest, a designer's facebook.

Pinterest, my new interest, is what I would call a designer's Facebook. Its a global platform of exchanging visual ideas and connecting with people. If I'm not working or sleeping or blogging ;), I'm pinning!
Its amazing to see how we collect things? How we explore? What we like? What defines us? Our tastes? Would we delete something from the board or will they sit there like antiques? Its a beautiful process of self exploration and understanding.

Sharing some of my boards:

Board 1 : 1.via color collections via justina blakeney via 2.via Jennifer Rogers via Helen Dardik botanicals 3.via Soto Moto, India, via Kickcan & Conkers 4.via Board 2 : 1.via claire via Daniel Nadler photography 2.via smörgåsbord via Evan Hecox 3.via jenn lewis via yarn crafts via tom baker doctor who scarf pattern. Board 3 :1.via rachael taylor via lovely words 2.via becky donahue via 3.via whitneyporter via flickr

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