Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rubbish Bins = Recycle

Rubbish Bins have strangely always fascinated me. We like to hide them behind cupboards, paint them drab grey and treat them like ''garbage'' ; when they are instrumental in doing one of the most powerful processes in the world today - Recycle. I recently saw these beautiful printed bins in Milan, Italy, by the street side, not tucked away in an alley. They looked colorful and I must say a very inspiring concept.

Barbantia, a dutch company producing products in 5 categories: waste storage, food storage, food preparation, laundry care and bathroom articles recently announced a Design Your Bin Competition. This competition is open till June 10, 2012 to everyone .The brief is simple - Make a design for their 2013 limited edition Retro bin. So all you talented people, check it out  at

I made some bins for the competition too

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