Thursday, June 7, 2012

Typography is a Pattern

Typography, the art of writing, an expression of communication, for me, is an extension of pattern design. The other day I was sifting through some of papers and came across this beautiful page where I had a lot of friends from diverse cultural backgrounds write my husband and my name is various languages and writing styles.

Fascinating eh?
Color, adds a whole new dimension to this beautiful art form. One of the first designs I made for an austrian company last year,  was a typographical design for coffee mugs and paper napkins. I simply loved making this design and its expression became ME. I would have gladly had it painted on one of my walls, as wall art, still waiting for the right wall though, tlll then, I tuck it away in my wish of things to do. 
Sharing the designs I had made

Just realized that my pin up wall at my workplace has, not surprisingly - a beautiful quote by Audrey Hepburn
 I  believe in Manicures
I believe in primping at leisure
I believe in Pink, I believe that
laughing is the best calorie burner
I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.
I believe in being strong
when everything seems to be
going wrong. I believe that
happy girls are the prettiest girls
I believe that tomorrow is another day
and I believe in Miracles - Audrey Hepburn
 and some hand written personal messages by friends :)

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