Saturday, June 2, 2012

Winning the P&P Scholarship - Never Stop Believing

20th April 2012, lazy saturday morning, I sat on my couch sipping coffee and checking my mail when I saw an email from Rachael Taylor on winning the P&P scholarship, which was my beginning to whole lot of learning, believing, designing and the birth of this blog


  1. congrats! what an awesome thing to win...
    I'm also part of the course (and the FB group that was created), and I'm visiting your blog for the first time.
    Nice patterns you created on Module 1 ^_^

    SImi, I recommend you add the Join This Site widget; this way it's easier for people interested in following your work and posts (like me) to do so.

  2. Hi Majo..thanks a ton for your wishes and for the wonderful tip!