Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Love Graypants

I saw graypants for the first time in the Milan furniture fair 2012 and found them to be brilliant. It is a company founded in 2008, run by three geniuses, Jon, Seth and Alan who have found an ingenious reuse for carton boxes - making scraplights and furniture! 
How eco friendly is that! 
I was simply amazed to see the light fixtures in Milan and stood there enraptured till Jon, came up to me, introduced himself and told me about their company. He is one of the most humble designers that I have met. He gave me his card and asked for mine..to which I said…''I'll get in touch with you''....whattttt?? silliest thing that I have ever said..but that wasn't me....
today's blog is an apology to my silly reply and kudos to graypants!

You can buy their lamps online or through a distributor in Norway, Finland, India, Copenhagen, Belgium, France, Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand

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