Monday, August 6, 2012

My designs will featured in a forthcoming book called THE PATTERNBASE - A Book of Contemporary Textile & Surface Design

Hello Monday!
Really excited to share some fabulous news with you all today: 
Three of my designs would be featured in forthcoming coming book called THE PATTERNBASE: A Book of Contemporary Textile & Surface Design by Kristi O' Meara. 
The Patternbase is a 250 page, full-color book that will showcase textile, surface and print designs from artists and designers around the world including interviews from working artists. 

The plan is to donate a copy to each U.S. state’s main library and distribute these books for sale at independent bookstores around the U.S., as well as online - an e-book version of the publication is to be offered for purchase on and

This could be potentially life changing for me. Thank you Kristi, thank you so much!
The designs which will be featured are inspired by my growing up years in India
Madhur-Tree of Knowledge by Simi Gauba

Orissa by Simi Gauba

Saree by Simi Gauba
Never stop believing in your dreams, no matter what they say!

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