Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Does'nt matter where you come from, its where you are going that counts

So the very fabulous Tigerprint has announced another competition called Tell-a-Tale
I loved making an illustration for it, as it was the easiest thing to do - Just look back in time.

My description : We cannot chose where we are born.  Happy childhood is not so much about fancy cars or toys, its about making the best of what we have. 
My illustration is such a tale of a happy childhood. Its a scene from an indian village, where children ride cows and not cars, play with sticks and stones and not wii's,  live in mud huts. They have the same dreams, laugh the same way and cry when they hurt. Children of the world are the same, Tigerprint says,  this illustration is aimed at 5 year olds,  I think a 5 year old at some other part of the world, would love to know this.

A peek into my sketchbook

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  1. It's great Simi .wish you all the best , Your mom