Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The illustrative world of Craig Redman and Karl Maier - Part 1

Today is part one of a two-part series dedicated to the world of Craig Redman and Karl Maier; the amazing designers, illustrators and  thinkers. Their website, Craig&Karl is a delightful museum of their fantastic work and a must see. Love the world clocks on top of the page with a Craig and a Karl timezone. Even though they live in different parts of the world but collaborate daily to create bold work that is filled with simple messages executed in a thoughtful and often humorous way. 
Craig&Karl have exhibited across the world, most notably at the Musée de la Publicité, Louvre. They have worked on projects for clients like LVMH, Google, Nike, Apple, Vogue and The New York Times.


Bless this mess-skateboards

Charles and Ray Eames

Digital Fool

Playing Cards
All designs are copyright Craig Redman and Karl Maier

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