Monday, October 22, 2012

Ma Durga

Hello Monday and all you fabulous people

I'm in India these days and am really blessed to be here at this festive time of the year when Diwali, the main hindu festival is round the corner. 

I recently went for a festival that Bengalis all over the world wait for; the whole year; called Durga Puja. I was awed when I saw the huge, beautifully painted, richly clothed, bejewelled sculpture of Ma Durga (means mother durga in hindi) and I love the icon associated with the festival these days.
Durga Puja festival marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura. Thus, Durga Puja festival epitomizes the victory of Good over Evil

Durga Pooja in India these days is also associated with saving the girl child 


  1. You are one lucky girl! Julie x

  2. Gee thanks...Julie, I count my blessing everyday and am so thankful