Thursday, October 4, 2012

Point of View

Normally when I take the bus back from work to home, I walk in; and sit on the right hand side of the bus (which is pretty empty, where I board from so I always have a choice)....I have done this for maybe 2 years now, till today... I unconsciously sat on the left hand side. I realized it immediately and was just getting up to change my side, till I looked out of the window - my view had changed.....and for the better! Instead of the industrial buildings and warehouses that I saw everyday, I saw beautiful trees, a bluer horizon and green parks. Thought to myself, a change in 'point of view' is all that we need sometimes

Sneak Peeks from Zara Home 

With this thought I leave for a long weekend break.
See you all beautiful people on Monday with some more from the design world!

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