Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Treasure from my Grandmother's Chest

I never had the good fortune of meeting my grandmother. She just lived to be barely 30 years when she passed away. My mum was 12 then. All that I know of her is through my mum's stories. She loved to embroider and make wicker baskets. In olden times in India, one had to trace the design by a blue carbon paper on fabric and then embroider. She started embroidering this pillow by chain, satin stitch and french knot daisies but could not complete it.

One can see blue carbon marking below the embroidery

Blue carbon tracing that she could not complete

Hand Emrboidered Daisies
I will showcase more of my grandmother - Chandrakala's work on my blog as a tiny tribute to the fascinating gifted woman that she was.

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  1. Stunning work! and what a great heritage and inspiration she has left for you :)