Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Darshan Chopra, Class IX C, Roll No.14 - Priceless

India this time has been a journey of self exploration and finding my roots. I discovered, that my grandmother and mother are the true unsung heroes of the design world. Their work is priceless and is my true heritage.

Today I am sharing some of my mother-Darshan Ratra's (Chopra) needle work from her school days. Some of the pieces even has a date, her class, and her Roll No--Darshan Chopra, Class IXC, Roll No. 14 - Priceless

Organdy Napkin with the neatest hand-made shadow work

Organdy Napkin with hand made shadow work

Organdy smocking frock- stitched and embroidered by hand. She did'nt used a stitching machine instead sewed the whole garment by hand

Darshan Chopra-Std IX C-Roll No. 14-Priceless

Hand made Smocking

The stitching Directory- V11C- 1960
Will share more of her fantastic work in my coming posts

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  1. Beautiful design work by your mother. These are such treasures!