Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Quaint little shop by the corner - appearing again

Whenever I travel to Austria, I cross this beautiful quaint little shop by the corner called Makka; which I have always found closed because I arrive too late in the evening. Then, I promise myself everytime that I would catch it open and arrive before 17.00, hmm..did I mention I'm not very good with promises. 
So I don't know much about the shop but I could'nt help sharing what I peeped n saw this time. 

For sometime now I have missed these quaint little shops with a soul and now it seems they are reappearing everywhere. Move over supermarkets, here comes my favorite shop by the corner

What a beautiful handcrafted 'closed' sign

Quirky envelope Ipad cover.

My favorite piece of furniture in this shop is this chair.

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