Saturday, November 25, 2017


As the Head of Design, people often ask me - ''So, Simi - what are the new trends and design directions ?'' and somehow I feel like a magician who needs to pull out a rabbit from my hat instantly and show the new trends. Truly speaking; All these past years, I have been able to pull out 'that' rabbit as the style directions have been so clear, palpable and visual; but the last 3 years, something has changed. As the socio-political scene is changing around the world and we seem to be heading towards a more - 'grayer' and 'hazier' future. The only positive word that I see in the horizon is 'Mindfulness'.

Mindfulness - A word that is truly relevant in the world today. Reuse, remake, restructure, renew and most importantly refuse. There is a new tribe of consumers emerging from the chaos we see today. The consumers who don't care about where they come from or where they belong, as borders are getting blurry; the only thing they care about is 'our' planet-one planet.

We seem to be living in conflicting times where on one hand the world is moving towards AI and on the other hand we are seeking a disconnection. We want to escape the madness and live a simpler life. This new tribe of people are the true ambassadors of the word mindfulness. They are aware, open and challenge every choice. We are going back to our roots. If you ask me, where should companies look for inspiration in terms of products - I will say - Museums. Truly ecological products created with mud, metal and the mind. We don't want to repeat our mistakes as our actions of yesteryears has created the monstrous world we live in today.

Revolutions, as history has taught us, start with one person and passion. Is Mindfulness the new revolutionary trend - I truly pray it is

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